i’m always sad in my room because no one comes anymore and i lost motivation to clean and now it’s so gross and the level of mess prevents me from preparing my own food and I’m so hungry all the time and i realized i really have no idea how to feed myself

i can name nine people off the top of my head who’ve said they’d like to hang out with me and never have. i try to initiate socialization with so many of them or hint that i’m lonely and everyone always has something better to and other people just don’t think of me when they’re planning to hang out because they have more than three friends and take for granted that there’s always someone who wants to be with them.

this is so hard as an extravert. i try to be with people but i’m so alone and it makes me feel sick.




Pleased to announce our newest book arts acquisition: 

The Deep by Kevin Steele.

From the artist’s website:  

"The Deep is a tribute to maritime folklore and tradition developed over centuries of nautical exploration. The ocean, which remains immense and mysterious in our own time, was all the more enchanting and terrifying to sailors in an era when being at sea meant a profound isolation from civilization in oft uncharted waters and dangerous passages.

The Deep is a circular accordion pop-up book which unfolds to an oversized eight-point compass rose. The compass, arguably the sailor’s most valuable instrument, not only enables accurate navigation but brings good luck, ensuring safe passage home and protecting against a watery end in the Deep.”

Visit the artist’s website.

If you want to take a look in person just stop by the desk in our reading room and our librarians will  probably offer a bit of assistance.  I particularly recommend getting a group together and stopping by since it is a great one to gather around. 

This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen!




are you an asexual? want to meet other asexuals, potentially in The Fleshzone? check out these links:

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AceMeetup — a tumblr for meeting up with other asexuals in your area

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there’s also a KIK asexual messenger group — find more information about it here.